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We Have a Waterbaby!

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Finding Activities and Carving out Unique Experiences with Your Baby

Photo by Juan Salamanca from Pexels

I can’t believe it. Our bubba baby is in swim lessons. Sure, the term is loose (very loose), but we go to the pool on Saturday mornings for half an hour of playing and learning to get comfortable in the water with 9 other kids and their parents. It’s a fun, unique experiences with our baby. So, sure, I count that as a lesson.

I knew we had to sign him up for classes as early as possible because:

First of all, being comfortable and confident in the water and not to panicking is important.

Secondarily, I love the water (I’d total live that beach bum life if I could) and want to share that with him.

Finally, he loves being soothed and playing in the bath tub (it’s a total splash zone these days).

Attending swim lessons with Little Man has become the highlight of my weekend.

Having this activity to do with my baby has been so much fun for both of us! He is absolutely in his element there. Our little guy was cautious and mostly interested in observing the other children for the first half of his first class, but he soon settled in to the fun of the class. He kicks his legs and bats his arms when I hold him tummy down in the water and coos and giggles watching my face when being held on his back. Even a quick bob under the water leaves him smiling.

I think it helps that we brought him to class while he was on the younger side. This introductory class accepts kids as young as 6 months (Little Man was 7 when we started) through 1 ½ years old. He seems to be more comfortable than some of the older kids, but I don’t know if that’s an age thing, him sensing my feeling of calm, or just his natural enjoyment of water.

For this momma, I think it has been a great bonding experience. I love that we get a fun activity to do together every weekend. It can be so hard to be a working mom and to feel like my weekends need to be baby time and house cleaning time. Having a class scheduled helps me to feel like day care isn’t the only place where he gets to have fun, new experiences. And honestly? That really helps me.

If you’re looking to find something outside of the norm to do with your kid then I highly recommend finding a fun activity to do together! We found this class through our county recreation department, but there are also child-focused play gyms (like Little Gym and Gymboree) that have infant-focused classes, and tons of resources online! If you don’t want to sign up for a class of some kind, get creative with an activity you can coordinate yourself. Babies are so new to everything that you don’t need to have a full-blown plan to have an enjoyable time.

Some ideas for experiences with your little one:

– Find a class to take together check out your local parks and recreation guide, gyms, libraries, pools, and churches! There are so many opportunities to swim, dance, play music, explore art, and more with your little one!

– Go for a hike and get them out in nature.

– Visit a pet store or petting zoo and let your kid see (and possibly touch) different kinds of animals!

– Check out a botanical garden and explore the beautiful colors, shapes, and sizes of all kinds of flowers! Not to mention all of the new and intriguing smells!

– Take a parent-child focused gym class such as yoga. There’s no better way to promote healthy habits than to watch (and experience) them with mom or dad!

– Check out the local library! Many public libraries offer a story time which is a great opportunity to have fund with your child, let your child see and interact with others, and work on their language skills!

Photo by Lina Kivaka from Pexels

Whatever you choose to do, just to try to have fun! Sometimes we feel so much pressure as parents to make things special, that we lose sight of the joy that these little humans of ours get from the little things. So get out there and enjoy yourself momma! You deserve it!