People talk about how beautiful and wonderful pregnancy is. And it can be. But it can also be exhausting and confusing. Here you’ll find how to prepare and some of the best tips and tricks for navigating pregnancy.

baby in hospital - free stuff to take from the hospital after birth

What to Take From the Hospital For Your Baby After Delivery

One of the best suggestions that I got as it related to heading into the hospital to have my son was about what to take from hospital after delivery. There are plenty of hospital freebies that will be provided to you after delivery. Most of the things that will take up room in your bag will be things you need to make sure to snag for mom, but definitely save room in your bag for a couple of items to bring home for your baby too!

bath - free stuff to take from the hospital after birth

Free Stuff To Take From the Hospital After Birth – 9 Items to Be Sure to Grab for Mom

One of the things I wish I had thought more about before I went to the hospital was what I needed to make sure to take from the hospital after delivery. And I was totally unpepared for what things I’d need most. If I had planned better, here is what I would have made sure to stocked up on:

Reading While Pregnant

Reading While Pregnant

Gosh. My friends have been such a blessing to me in this parenting journey (and before). Their help and words of wisdom have been incredibly motivating and inspiring no matter how I was personally feeling. One of the most useful nuggets a friend shared with me when I was pregnant was where to spend my energy when it came to reading books while pregnant. Specifically: don’t expend your energy reading books about being pregnant.

Coping with Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques (PUPPS)

Struggling with PUPPS? How to survive Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques

Being pregnant is tough for a lot of women. I was prepared for (or at had expectations of) morning sickness, headaches, and uncomfortable swelling. I was prepared to read the right books about my baby, to organize a registry, and to have everything together to be able to pump at work when I went back. But I wasn’t prepared for PUPPS.

Dog and Baby

Hey Dogs! We brought you home a baby!

Bringing home our son was wonderful and nerve-wracking. Not only were we totally new to this whole parenting thing, but we were already exhausted, and had two fur babies at home aching to know where we had been for three days. These babies were about to meet our newest baby and we weren’t entirely sure how they would take it. Willoughby had been my only baby for 7 years. That is, until we adopted Rocket a year and a half ago.

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