Reading While Pregnant

Where to spend your energy Gosh. My friends have been such a blessing to me in this parenting journey (and before – obviously). Their help and words of wisdom have been incredibly motivating and inspiring no matter how I was personally feeling. One of the most useful nuggets a friend shared with me when I …

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Struggling with PUPPS? How to survive Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques

If this is your first time hearing of PUPPS, or Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques, I can relate. I had never heard of it until I began frantically searching the internet for why this strange rash was gradually overtaking my body at 26 weeks pregnant. And it itched. Man, did it itch. I was tested for Obstetric Cholestasis, a liver disorder impacting pregnant women that comes with itchy feet and palms. Thankfully, the results were negative. PUPPS, however, has no test and there is no cure except to deliver the baby. Since it causes no harm (and I use the word “harm” loosely – as slowly going crazy seemed likely at the time) to the mother or child, OBs generally don’t take action. Additionally, since there is no test for PUPPS, you may find your OB skeptical that you didn’t just come in contact with an allergen – like mine. My OB provided me with some methylprednisolone and suggested cortisol cream in moderation. None of it helped.

Hey Dogs! We brought you home a baby!

These babies were about to meet our newest baby and we weren’t entirely sure how they would take it. Willoughby had been my only baby for 7 years. That is, until we adopted Rocket a year and a half ago. And Rocket had been a rescue whom had flourished in a loving home, but clearly had some baggage from his past and remained skittish at times. Even though they’re both our sweet pups, there was a level of concern—of not knowing what to expect. Our attempts to prepare them included the following: