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Not sure what to do when introducing your baby to solid foods? Struggling with meal ideas for your toddler? Having a hard time breastfeeding? Here you’ll find information, tips, and printable resources!

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Super Simple Food Ideas for Your Toddler

One of the things that I think people get caught up on rather unnecessarily, is at what age children should or should not be eating specific foods. Its during those early years when you can establish good eating habits in your son or daughter. Its in those early years where your child had not yet established a pickiness because they’ve not yet been exposed to snacks and junk. You want to know something weird? My kid will very happily carry a snack container full of steamed vegetables around the house while shoveling peas or green beans in his mouth.

Pumping, Breastfeeding, and Formula Feeding

Pumping, Breastfeeding, and Formula Feeding – 5 Benefits for Each

Welcome to the world of motherhood – where people will judge your choices without taking into consideration your circumstances. Being a mom, or parent in general really, is a tough gig. Not only are you responsible for keeping an indefensible human person alive, but you’re also responsible for managing every day life in the most sleep deprived state of existence. It can be brutal.

Daycare Lunch Ideas for Toddlers

Daycare Lunch Ideas for Toddlers

I’m a bit of an anxious overthinker in general. But when our son first began eating solids on a regular basis, I was overthinking my daycare lunch ideas all the time. I didn’t know what to send, or how much. And I was really concerned with making sure he was getting all of the necessary nutrients. But I also worried about him getting bored with different foods, so I was always trying to add variety.

After Starting Solids: What to Expect

After Starting Solids: What to Expect

Starting solids is an exciting time. There are funny facial reactions and excitement as you broaden your little one’s world a bit. But it can also be stressful. Not only are you left trying to figure out what kinds of food to feed your baby, and trying to gauge if he or she enjoys what you’re offering (tip: give each food a couple of chances before ruling it out); but your baby also needs some time for their body to transition from a liquid-only diet. Add to that your child can’t verbalize how they’re feeling, your left to figure out what is normal and to be expected after starting solids, and what’s not.

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Starting Solids – Tips and Food Tracker

We’ve been going through a massive transition at our house over the last 4 months. I feel like, having a baby, we’re always in periods of “massive transition.” This one, however, has happened much quicker than I expected. Little Man is almost a year old and has been loving starting solids – which has been exciting, exhausting, and overwhelming for me. I swear, this kid eats like a teenager.

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Milk Supply Struggle

I have really struggled with returning to work after maternity leave — really struggled. There have been many tears (more from me than from Little Man) and resentment over the fact that we just can’t make it work for me to be home right now. So, when I began to struggle maintaining an adequate milk supply to keep up with Little Man’s demands at daycare, I was crushed. For me, supplying him with milk throughout the day felt like the one thing I could do – my one chance to contribute some aspect of his daily care.

baby bottle

Baby Bottle Showdown – Getting Baby to Take a Bottle

I don’t know about you – but bottles did not go over well in our house. He demanded to be fed straight from the source. None of this plastic middleman nonsense. Feeding time used to be a happy time for Little Man, but with the introduction of these plastic breast impersonators, meal time was met with more tears than smiles. For both of us, really. Because, as my days on maternity leave neared the end, I became more and more anxious that he would starve at daycare — refusing to take a bottle. Images of my baby screaming all day without food to comfort his hunger pangs brought me to tears on more than one occasion. I was panicking.

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