Everything from what to expect from your children hitting new milestones (like walking!) to clever ideas for making memories with your children!

Home toddler activities

12 Toddler Activities for When You’re Stuck at Home

We’re living in some stressful times. Times that most of us didn’t expect. Many of us have had our daily routines turned on their heads by this pandemic. And we’re finding ourselves spending a lot more time in our homes and with our loved ones. Being stuck at home can be hard on all of us (even us introverts), but in my experience its going to be especially difficult on the children.

New Experiences to Have With your Toddler

New Experiences to Have With your Toddler

Normally, I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. But I do want to set a challenge for myself this year, and maybe you do too. My working mom’s New Year’s resolution (aka my New Year’s challenge to myself) is to introduce my son to one new experience every month. As a working mom I especially struggle with feeling like I don’t get to be a part of so many of his firsts; I get approximately 3 hours a day with him during the week days and often much of that time is spent preparing. Preparing for the day, for dinner, or for bedtime.

What to Expect When Your Baby is Learning to Walk

What to Expect When Your Baby is Learning to Walk

Little Man started learning to walk he would go between me and Hubbaloo This started right around when he was 13 months old. The first day, literally, that he started – he face planted hard into the base of the couch. Poor kiddo promptly got an enormous, unicorn horn-style bump in the middle of his head. And man did I feel terrible. It didn’t help that he promptly stopped even trying to walk for a good three or four days. He had clearly decided that this walking thing that everyone else was doing was just way too dangerous for him to do. After a couple of days getting from point A to point B on his knees, he seemed to rethink the danger of walking and began trying it out every so often.

Beach Vacation with a Baby

Beach Bum Baby – What You Need for a Successful Beach Vacation with a Baby

We just got back from our first nearly week-long vacation since Little Man was born, and boy did we need it! I love getting away with my little family to reconnect and relax. If I had my way I would gladly live at the beach full-time, but you know, we have to have jobs and families and what-not. This was our third beach vacation with a baby, though the previous two trips were quick weekend trips. Now that we’ve made the trip a couple of times, I feel like we finally have a good idea of what to expect when we go. And more importantly, what we need to make sure to pack.

Swimming kids

We Have a Waterbaby! Experiences to Share with Your Baby

I can’t believe it. Our bubba baby is in swim lessons. Sure, the term is loose (very loose), but we go to the pool on Saturday mornings for half an hour of playing and learning to get comfortable in the water with 9 other kids and their parents. It’s a fun, unique experiences with our baby. So, sure, I count that as a lesson. I knew we had to sign him up for classes as early as possible because:

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