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Breastfeeding is hard

Breastfeeding is Hard – A Note To the Mom Who’s Struggling

Giving birth and bringing home a beautiful, angelic, screaming monster can make mothers feel alone enough, without adding to it a stigma that breastfeeding should come easily or else you’re not being the right kind of mom. But here’s the truth:

Hospital Necessities

Free Stuff To Take From the Hospital After Birth – 9 Items to Be Sure to Grab for Mom

One of the things I wish I had thought more about before I went to the hospital was what I needed to make sure to take from the hospital after delivery. And I was totally unpepared for what things I’d need most. If I had planned better, here is what I would have made sure to stocked up on:


Struggling with PUPPS? How to survive Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques

Being pregnant is tough for a lot of women. I was prepared for (or at had expectations of) morning sickness, headaches, and uncomfortable swelling. I was prepared to read the right books about my baby, to organize a registry, and to have everything together to be able to pump at work when I went back. But I wasn’t prepared for PUPPS. In fact, prior to getting pregnant I had never even heard of PUPPS.

annoyed with husband after baby

Constantly Annoyed With Your Husband After Baby? 7 Ways to Push Through

This post was a little harder to write than some of the others just because it almost feels embarrassing to admit. I mean, I could talk to you about breastfeeding struggles, and tearing during the birthing process, and uncomfortable weight gain, but being constantly annoyed at my husband after we had our baby? About how hard marriage can be when a new little one overturns your home and your life?

Date Night Ideas at Home

22 Date Night Ideas at Home

One of the hardest things that I found when we had our son was that my husband and I suddenly had no time or energy for one another. No time to go on dates and no energy to go out, even if we could manage to get out of the house. So what we really needed to do was to find some creative date night ideas at home. Which was really hard.

good friend after baby

Not Sure How to Help a New Mom? 11 Ways to be a Good Friend After Baby

When I was a new mom, I was exhausted (still am), uncomfortable, full of self-doubt, and in desperate need of help. The best thing in the world for me would have been if someone let me snuggle this brand new love while they cleaned my house, fed me, changed diapers, and to take the baby and soothe him when he was crying. Instead, I felt like I had to do it all on my own. We had far too many house guests staying far too late at night that were not being especially helpful.

Baby Proofing

Baby Proofing Checklist and Timeline

For some reason, when you’re pregnant and in full fledged baby prep mode, so many people try to add one more thing to your list: baby proofing. There are checklists galore out there telling you to add baby proofing your home to the list of other things you do actually need to do before baby arrives. Like grabbing the essentials and interviewing possible pediatricians and daycare providers. But do you know what you don’t need to add to that checklist before your baby arrives? Baby Proofing.

Toddler activities

12 Toddler Activities for When You’re Stuck at Home

We’re living in some stressful times. Times that most of us didn’t expect. Many of us have had our daily routines turned on their heads by this pandemic. And we’re finding ourselves spending a lot more time in our homes and with our loved ones. Being stuck at home can be hard on all of us (even us introverts), but in my experience its going to be especially difficult on the children. Like my 18 month-old. He is incredibly active, an avid explorer, and not fond of containment.

After Starting Solids: What to Expect

After Starting Solids: What to Expect

Starting solids is an exciting time. There are funny facial reactions and excitement as you broaden your little one’s world a bit. But it can also be stressful. Not only are you left trying to figure out what kinds of food to feed your baby, and trying to gauge if he or she enjoys what you’re offering (tip: give each food a couple of chances before ruling it out); but your baby also needs some time for their body to transition from a liquid-only diet. Add to that your child can’t verbalize how they’re feeling, you’re left to figure out what is normal and to be expected after starting solids, and what’s not.

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